August 2018


Hume Management & Consulting works with clients as a Business Consultant.  As a Business Consultant we work on the process and people side of the business.  We develop and work on organizational culture changes, streamlining processes, developing new revenue channels, web site development and much more. 

We perform the following actionable directives:


1. Perform detailed analysis across programs, campaigns, and segments making actionable recommendations for improvement.

2. Develop strategic recommendations for improved performance of overall business operations and marketing

3. Drive engagement through sales lifecycle if appropriate.

4. Focus on providing value-added analysis, recommendations, and action plans to support overall improvement.

5. S.W.O. T. training for all management, sales, operations & financial employees.

6. Formulate/ implement new marketing techniques with measureable results that generate new patients.

7. Analyze management performance with benchmarks.

8. Create the strategic leadership channels to effect change and culture within the organization.

9. Develop strategic roadmaps for financial, internal business processes, customer and knowledge/growth scorecards.

10. Create accountability measures for sales departments, train sales staff on effectiveness, time management.

Hume Management & Consulting started in 2004 in Florida.  As a business consulting firm we have worked in numerous industries: Medical offices, Construction, Advertising, Automotive Sales, SEO, Medical Device Sales, Restaurants, Web Design, Home Improvements, Professional Sports Teams, Sports Manufacturing Companies, Coupon Magazines, Sports Equipment Retailer and much more.  


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In the time Hume Management & Consulting worked for the Gardens Cosmetic Center as a business performance coach Steve increased the Botox 78% and the Filler side of my practice 120%. This increase brought my practice an additional $85k. We decreased overhead as well.

For example, the advertising budget was reduced $36,000 as we eliminated a radio campaign and instituted a lunch time seminar that was most effective in bringing in facelift patients. The last seminar we had 56 clients in attendance.

I would have had no way of understanding where I was wasting my dollars without a highly qualified business performance coach.
Douglas D. Dedo, M.D.
Gardens Cosmetic Center

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