HMC Business Creed

Every business or person needs to have a clear understanding of the following areas. As a business consultant we will help develop and articulate these specific areas for you and or your business.

Mission: Why We Exist?

Values: What's Important to Us?

Vision: What We Want to Be?

Strategy: Our Game Plan.

Strategy Map: Translate the Strategy.

Targets and Initiatives: What We Need to Do?

Personal Objectives: What I Need to Do?

Strategic Business Outcomes: Creating value for customers, efficient/effective processes, motivated/prepared workforce, increase profits, reduced mistakes, performance measures, focused CEO's...

Strategic Personal Outcomes: More family time, better time management skills, improved relations with others, reduce stressful situations, find a way to help others...

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Steven Hume was a driving force of positive change. He was not afraid to think outside the box, and challenge established mindsets. His influence led to redesigning many corporate programs to make them more effective and profitable for the company. These changes would not have taken place with out Steve. It has been a pleasure working with Hume Management and Consulting!

John Maas
Store Manager,
Albert Lee Appliance