Focus on providing value-added analysis, recommendations, and action plans to support business performance improvement.

Hume Management and Consulting will conduct in-depth studies and analysis to improve the operational effectiveness of various segments of the marketing and sales operations.

Directs the development of strategic reports for forecasting, trending, and results analysis

S.W.O. T. training for all management, sales, operations & financial employee's

Formulate/ implement new marketing techniques with measureable results

Analyze management performance with benchmarks

Create the strategic leadership channels to effect change and culture within the organization

Develop Web strategies that increase awareness through SEO, Viral Marketing, SEM

Reduce overhead through cross-training current staff

Create accountability measures for sales departments, train sales staff on effectiveness, time management and growth initiatives.


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I found Steve through a mutual love of basketball.  He helped me market my professional shooting device which I have now sold worldwide.  I wouldn't have had the success without his insights and perspectives.
NBA Shooting Coach
Philadelphia 76er's.