Steven Hume came into my office and dramatically turned my business around. From marketing to closing of additional procedures to training my staff to be more effective, Hume Management & Consulting is the company to hire when considering changes. His first day generated $1400 in additional revenue; he reduced my advertising budget 35K while increasing revenues through simple techniques. His strategic vision completely reshaped my business and thought-process. Steve will be my first call when I have further questions.
Catherine Navarro, MD
Palm Beach, FL
Mr. Steven Hume was hired to increase productivity in our Bellevue office. He was extremely thorough in his assessment of the situation and turned the level of professionalism up quite a notch. He increased sales by 18% in the first 3 weeks. He incorporated marketing techniques that helped this office survive the economic downturn. Hume Management & Consulting was one of the best hires you could choose. His innovative discussions helped us think about this office in a new light and we implemented his solutions which completely turned the culture around.
Bobby Karegianes-Vice President
Medical Hair Restoration, Orlando, FL
I highly recommend Steven Hume as a consultant for any business. If your business is already operating, he will help you evaluate your position from a proper and unemotional perspective which will enable you to make smarter decisions and keep you on the path to success. I strongly suggest Hume Management and Consulting be involved in your business prior to startup. His experience will help you make smart decisions prior to investing money in what could be the biggest commitment of your life. His expertise is what you need to choose the proper business venture and the right location, build an effective business plan, hire the right employees, and get off to a good start.
Steve Bartek
Bajio Mexican Grill
Steven Hume was a driving force of positive change. He was not afraid to think outside the box, and challenge established mindsets. His Business Performance Coaching influence led to redesigning many corporate programs to make them more effective and profitable for the company. These changes would not have taken place with out Steven. It has been a pleasure working with him.
John Maas
Store Manager,
Albert Lee Appliance
Steven Hume was employed as a Business Performance Consultant for an organization we were partnering with. During this time I had the pleasure of watching him challenge their organization to be better than they had ever been. He worked with them to reorganize many procedures as well as guide them in some of those difficult decisions businesses must make in order to excel. Steven is intuitive and makes solid recommendations. He is also a compassionate leader who is working to serve the best interests of those he serves. I strongly recommend Hume Management and Consulting to anyone wanting to bring new thought and life to their organization.
John Carruthers
Bench Mark Designs
Steven Hume really gave me the tools I needed to do my job more effectively. Steven recognized the natural talents that I possessed and helped me refine my tactics. He set me on a path that as I look back on it now, only seemed logical. He has great insight, and can bring some new thoughts and ideas to the table. He really cares about the people he is working for, and his goal is to see them succeed.
Drew Peters
Project Manager, Manufacturing Company
Steven Hume is the one you want on 'your side' when it's time for moving your existing business forward or for branching out to a new venture. He is that breath of fresh air, that new idea you've been looking for and he will help keep you on track as you progress toward your goals.
Mark & Renae James
Hometown Values Coupon Magazine - myhometownvalues.com
Steven Hume brought to my practice a professional and no nonsense approach to running my business. He instituted some valuable sales training to the staff as well as strategies for sustainable growth and accountability.

In the time he worked for me he increased the Botox 78% and the Filler side of my practice 120%. This increase brought my practice an additional $85k. We decreased overhead as well. For example, the advertising budget was reduced $36,000 as we eliminated a radio campaign and instituted a lunch time seminar that was most effective in bringing in facelift patients. The last seminar we had 56 clients in attendance. I would have had no way of understanding where I was wasting my dollars without Steve's help.
Douglas D. Dedo, M.D.
Gardens Cosmetic Center

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