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Humeseo brings the right, targeted traffic to your website. As professional SEO practioniers we work with the individual business owners and corporations to provide relevant, targeted market searches. By utilizing proper search engine optimization techniques, we work as a team with our clients. Communication and thorough understanding of the business are vital ingredients for success...

Internet Marketing Optimization should be specific and targeted. Targeted searchers are on a mission. They are willing to spend dollars, be informed or educated. Your position in the search engine results page (SERP) has a huge impact on the traffic. At Humeseo we create visibility for your website, which when properly executed generates a higher ranking in Google, Bing & Yahoo's search engines.Humeseo takes into account how the search engines work, what phrases that perspective searchers is investigating, what the client is trying to accomplish by being online and much more!

Humeseo works with search engines to create importance and relevance for each individual business or corporation. Relevance means "we get you in the game". Importance means what shows up first in the searchers inquires. Teaming with Humeseo is your first step to starting the journey to higher rankings and increased revenues.

Steven Hume
MBA E-Commerce
Advanced SEO Training  

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 Steven and I had a mutual client and I was very impressed with the way he handled the collaboration. It's not often you meet an "SEO" pro who is willing to educate the client and collaboratively work with them to provide the best solution. Steve is the real deal!  

Jonathan Hinshaw-Founder EBWAY Creative